Customer Feedback

These are way too good. Spicy Chili Pepper is my favourite! I am addicted to the Spicy Chili Pepper chips and not planning on entering rehab anytime soon. Need these to get in a store nearby so I can get my fix.

Jaimie Joseph

Simply, a breakfast of champions.

Ian Jefferey’s

I love your products! The spicy chili pepper hummus chips are phenomenal! Thanks for making such a unique and delicious snack!

Scarlette Lopez

Creamy Dill Lentil Chips got the party started last night! Definitely didn’t bring enough for the weekend but you’ve got lots more fans!!

Sara Morian

Best chips at the show today, hands down and 2 thumbs up!! Great product. LOVE them :)

Betsy Davis

Love your Lentil chips. Yum!

Robin Texasmom Vsg

We heart you! Just bought from Kroger. Going back to buy more!

Stef Deem

Hummus chips are my new favourite snack!! Delicious!

Scarlette Lopez

Very healthy and delicious snacks…ummm I want more every day!!

Maria Ortiz

Wow! Just tried the Quinoa Chips, Sea Salt! This has to be the BEST snack I have ever had! These are delicious! And healthy! You guys nailed this one!

Kellie Paquette

I absolutely am “in love” with your lentil chips. Right now I am investigating where I can buy them. They are soooo delicious!

Maureen Sullivan

We love Simply7, thanks!

Gabe Lo